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Bitfxt is the combination of three words: Bitcoin, forex and technology. Our mission is to be an exchange that combines the power of crypto and fiat all in the same platform thereby providing an environment for seamless migration from fiat to crypto and completely eliminate the need for 3rd parties. We aim at providing the most comprehensive, secure, transparent and easy to use exchange in the market with the most ergonomic and performant trading tools.

We also work in partnership with independent blockchain experts in the world to help companies and organisations migrate to the blockchain technology. By providing a seamless and secure environment to run scrutinized and verified ICOs, we connect investors to the best and hottest projects around the world.

Users who own bitfxt coin (BXT) will be granted with the lowest fees in bitfxt market. They can also pay for any product and service including: exchange fees, withdrawal fees, coin and ico listing fees, tokenization fees, advertisement fees and any other fees within the bitfxt eco-system using bxtcoin.

In the future, we plan to develop our own blockchain and a secure decentralised exchange where our coin will be used to pay gas fee for transactions.


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