Next Generation Exchange

Bitfxt Next Generation Exchange is the easiest place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and to buy the hottest ICOs. With a good number of trading tools to enhance your trading experience, we are here to make a huge impact in the industry.

We have developed our minimum viable product and we are currently working on the actual version of our exchange.


Android Exchange Wallet

We created the world’s first cloud based exchange  wallet.

Our disruptive technology helps users to send, receive, store, exchange, buy and sell bitcoin and ethereum. Users can buy bitcoin and ethereum using their ATM cards as well as withdraw into thier local bank account without the help of an intermediary.

We target to have our presence established in Africa and middle east before the fall of 2019.

We are constantly updating and adding new features to our app and he hope to release the full version by March 2019.

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Cloud Lab

Bitfxt lab is a cloud based blockchain startup incubation platform. We are in partnership with top IT firms to help startups find their feet.

Secure Exchange

The world’s most advanced and secure market place to buy and sell any concurrency and to buy the hottest ICOs globally.

Vault Mining

Generate new bxtcoins by using our coin vault and trading on our exchange.

Try our Beta

Our one of a kind exchange wallet.