CEO & Founder

Franklin Peters

Franklin Peters is an internet marketing, affiliate marketing, business consultant and blockchain expert with 10+ years of experiencen in the IT industry. He started his career as an internet marketer and software developer since 2008 and became one of the leading developer and internet marketer in Nigeria.


Emefiena Ngozi

Emefiena Ngozi is a blockchain and cryptocurrency expert and consultant. Her interest in blockchain technology has led her to mentor lots of people on the need to be part of the move. She impact in the industry is laudable and she sits as a board member in bitfxt technology


Emelataobi Victor

Emelataobi Victor is a Financial Fitness coach,Sales expert, Pilot, Blockchain entrepreneur and a futurist. With a big vision for a world where everyone can become all they want to be through a global exchange of ideas and support beyond personal or national protocols, he just loves to help people succeed.


Zen Lopez

Crypto Enthusiast, Admin, Moderator and Brand Ambassador of bitfxt technology limited.


Emmanuel Adams

Emmanuel is a blockchain consultant and angel investor who sits on the board of several blockchain projects. His vast knowledge if the industry has given him a global recognition. He sits on the board of bitfxt technology as the Chief Technical Analyst

Advisory board

Bitfxt is advised by top tier experts and who has been board members in top blockchain companies over the years.


Deepanshu Bhatt

Deepanshu Bhatt is an inspired visionary blockchain entrepreneur with vast experience founding and developing innovative blockchain projects and automating and scaling up digital marketing processes.


Oliver Marco La Rosa

COO GLOBIANCE, Chairman at EUCC, President at Government Blockchain Association Malta



Joswell Valdez

Joswell has been part of the blockchain and bitcoin community for the last 5 years and pioneered the first peer to peer money transfer via social media using blockchain tech with his app Currently working on IZZY a platform making healthcare more affordable and more accessible utilizing the power of tokens.



LATOKEN is a simple, fast and secure way to exchange crypto and tokenize assets. Bitfxt technology is in strategic partnership with LATOKEN as our exchange partner and liquidity provider.


Vivensas is an IT firm with deep seated passion for digital commerce which fuels their commitment to deliver fantastic and unique solutions for all their clients. Bitfxt Lab is in strategic partnership with Vivensas to provide unmatched solution to digital commerce in Africa and middle east.


BC VAULT is the most secure type of cryptocurrency vault which stores the user’s private keys on a secure hardware device. BC VAULT will be in strategic partnership with bitfxt to produce branded hardware wallets for the bitfxt community.