Terms of Use (Terms and Conditions)
Welcome to BITFXT TECHNOLOGY LTD. The internet platform and services offered here are
offered by BITFXT TECHNOLOGY Limited.

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions from time to time. Such changes
are immediately valid once they are published on the website. You are responsible for regularly
checking these terms and conditions.
1. Item of contract
(1) BITFXT TECHNOLOGY is an innovative company that informs its community, for free, of how to
work with the latest FinTech technology. Furthermore, BITFXT TECHNOLOGY offers rental
usage of its computer centre through the separate formation of a rental contract in
accordance with the “General Terms and Conditions for Using the BXT Computer
Centre”, to be accepted separately by the customer. BITFXT TECHNOLOGY also offers the
purchase of hardware through the separate formation of a purchase contract as per the
terms and conditions of purchase, to be accepted separately by the customer.
(2) In addition, you may but are not obligated to register as a sales partner in order to
engage in sales activities for BITFXT TECHNOLOGY.
(3) You will be informed separately of the content of the chargeable order, the prices and
terms of payment, before ordering a chargeable service or other formation of a costbased contract. By clicking on the binding order button, such as “PAY TO RENT” or
“PAY TO ORDER NOW”, you provide a binding declaration that you wish to form a
contract for the chargeable service you have selected. The contract relationship begins
upon e-mail confirmation of the order by BITFXT TECHNOLOGY.
2. Registration on the BITFXT TECHNOLOGY website
(1) Before you are able to use the services of BITFXT TECHNOLOGY, you must first register on the
website. Registration is free of charge. The technical actions and data required for
registration, or later for completing the registration, must always be completely and
accurately performed or provided, respectively.
(2) During registration you must enter your e-mail address and select a password. By
clicking the button “Register for free”, you declare that you wish to enter into a usage
contract for free usage of the internet platform. The contract relationship begins with email confirmation of the registration by BITFXT TECHNOLOGY, which also contains the access
data. After receiving the access data, you may create your profile on the website and
you have access to all of BITFXT TECHNOLOGY’ offers. A contract may be formed with legal
persons, partnerships or natural persons who are at least 18 years of age (or the age
required to be allowed to sign valid contracts in the country in which the party resides).
(3) BITFXT TECHNOLOGY reserves the right to request verification of age and identity for purposes
of a “KYC procedure”.
(4) You bear the full responsibility for the legitimacy and accuracy of the data provided
during registration.
(5) False statements made deliberately or with the intent to commit fraud may result in civil
action. In this event BITFXT TECHNOLOGY reserves the right to block the profiles and accounts
of users who have made false statements deliberately or for purposes of fraud, and to
terminate the usage contract without notice, as well as to decline any disbursements of
(6) You may only create one profile. Registered users may not register again as a new
customer or by providing a new e-mail address. If a user has created multiple profiles,
they must select one. All other profiles will be deleted by BITFXT TECHNOLOGY. The creation
of multiple profiles constitutes a significant justification for blocking the user without the
requirement of notice in advance.
(7) You are obligated to immediately notify BITFXT TECHNOLOGY of changes to your user data, in
particular your bank account information and e-mail address. Should you not fulfil this
obligation, you must bear the resulting expenses.
(8) You may not allow a third party to use your profile and access data. Usage of your
account by third parties constitutes significant justification for blocking the user’s
account without the requirement of notice in advance. You are required, in your own
interest, to immediately notify BITFXT TECHNOLOGY of any third-party access and any misuse
of your online account.
(9) During registration you are free to select your username and password. You are
obligated to keep your password confidential. Should you become aware of
unauthorised usage of your password, you are obligated to immediately notify Platin
Genesis at support@platincoin.com. Should you forget your password, you may
recover it by using the password recovery procedure (e-mail to the e-mail address you
(10) BITFXT TECHNOLOGY reserves the right to reject registrations at its discretion and without
justification. If BITFXT TECHNOLOGY rejects your registration, you will receive all funds that you
provided to the payment processor within six weeks.
3. Obligations of the customer
(1) You are prohibited from violating third-party rights, harassing third parties, or otherwise
violating the law or common decency through your usage of the internet presence. In
particular you are obligated to abstain from the following actions:
 Disseminating statements with insulting, harassing, violent (or which glorify
violence), inflammatory, sexist, obscene, pornographic, racist, morally
objectionable or otherwise offensive or prohibited content;
 Insulting, harassing, threatening, frightening, slandering, confusing other
customers, employees or sales partners of BITFXT TECHNOLOGY;
 Investigating, imparting or disseminating personal or confidential information
about other customers, sales partners or employees of BITFXT TECHNOLOGY, or other
abuse of the privacy of other customers, employees or sales partners of Platin
 Issuing untrue claims about race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, background,
social standing of other customers, employees or sales partners of Platin
 Investigating, imparting or disseminating confidential information belonging to
 Issuing untrue claims about BITFXT TECHNOLOGY;
 Pretending to be an employee of BITFXT TECHNOLOGY or an affiliated company or
 Using legally protected images, photos, graphics, videos, musical recordings,
sounds, texts, brands, titles, labels, software or other content and trademarks
without the consent of the rights holder or authorisation via contract, law or
statutory provision;
 Issuing statements that are promotional, religious or political in nature;
 Using banned or illegal content;
 Taking advantage of programming errors (bugs);
 Taking measures that result in excessive strain on the servers and/or may
severely impair the process for other customers;
 Hacking or cracking, and promoting or inciting hacking or cracking;
 Disseminating counterfeit hardware, as well as promoting or inciting the
dissemination of counterfeit hardware;
 Uploading files that contains viruses, Trojans, worms or corrupt data;
 Using or disseminating “auto” software programmes, “macro” software
programmes, or other “cheat utility” software programmes;
 Modifying the service or portions thereof;
 Using software that facilitates so-called “datamining”, or that otherwise retrieves
or collects information pertaining to the service;
 Disrupting transmissions from and to the service servers and the website
 Infiltrating the service server, data server or website server.
(2) BITFXT TECHNOLOGY refers to its rights to grant access with regard to the usage of its internet
presence, and explicitly reserves the right to immediately block and cancel without
warning the online account and usage contract, respectively, provided one of the
obligations listed in (1), or the law, is violated during use.
4. Cancellation of contract
(1) In the event of cause that justifies immediate cancellation without notice, BITFXT TECHNOLOGY
may cancel the usage contract at any time without warning and block your profile, the
cancellation may also affect contracts for a paid lease of server capacity. Compelling
cause as per sentence 1 primarily includes:
▪ Particularly severe violation of the terms and conditions
▪ Fraudulent or otherwise severely illegal activities during usage of the service of
▪ Providing false or misleading information to BITFXT TECHNOLOGY
▪ Fraudulent, illegal or otherwise improper usage of offers from BITFXT TECHNOLOGY
▪ Causing damages and other harm of all sorts to BITFXT TECHNOLOGY or other
customers or sales partners of BITFXT TECHNOLOGY
▪ Unauthorised distribution, duplication, publication or other usage or processing
of training materials (e.g. uploading on YouTube, etc.)
(2) You may cancel your usage contract with notice at any time, whereby declaration of the
cancellation with notice via e-mail to support@platincoin.com suffices for effective
receipt of the cancellation. You may also delete your profile in the BITFXT TECHNOLOGY
Community at any time.
5. Server availability
The BITFXT TECHNOLOGY service is available consistently for 24 hours a day, seven days a
week, with an annual average availability of 97.5 %. This excludes outage periods due
to maintenance and software updates, as well as times when the service cannot be
reached online due to technical problems or other issues that BITFXT TECHNOLOGY has no
influence over (force majeure, third-party culpability, etc.). In order to be able to fully
use the BITFXT TECHNOLOGY service, you must use the latest (browser) technology or
facilitate their usage on your computer (e.g. activating Java Script, cookies, pop-ups).
When using older or generally uncommon technology, you may not be able to make full
use of BITFXT TECHNOLOGY’ services.
6. Liability limitation, other liability
(1) BITFXT TECHNOLOGY cannot be held responsible for false statements in your registration. This
means that BITFXT TECHNOLOGY can accept no liability for the accuracy of this information,
and your content stored by BITFXT TECHNOLOGY constitutes foreign information to Platin
Genesis as per applicable telecommunications law.
(2) Furthermore, with reference to BITFXT TECHNOLOGY’ Risk Notice, BITFXT TECHNOLOGY is not liable
for the occurrence of the desired success that the customer hopes to achieve through
usage of BITFXT TECHNOLOGY’ internet platform and/or products.
(3) If BITFXT TECHNOLOGY provides computer programmes through its internet presence (e.g. the
eWallet), the customer uses the software at their own risk. BITFXT TECHNOLOGY is not liable
for damages caused by the installation and/or usage of software from the Downloads
section, if this is legally permissible. Despite the latest virus scan, there is no liability for
damages and impairments caused by computer viruses within the parameters of the
legal regulations. Furthermore, BITFXT TECHNOLOGY is not liable for disruptions to the quality
of access to the service as a result of force majeure or events for which BITFXT TECHNOLOGY
is not responsible. In addition, BITFXT TECHNOLOGY is not liable for third parties’ unauthorised
access to your personal data (e.g. through unauthorised access to the database by
(4) Furthermore, BITFXT TECHNOLOGY is liable for other damages caused by injury to life, body
and health if these damages are attributable to gravely negligent behaviour or a
culpable violation of a major contract obligation (e.g. delivery to the customer) by Platin
Genesis, its employees or proxies. This also applies to damages from the violation of
obligations during contract negotiations as well as from the committing of impermissible
actions. Any further liability for damages is ruled out.
(5) Except in the event of injury to life, body and health or deliberate or gravely negligent
behaviour by BITFXT TECHNOLOGY, its employees or proxies, the liability is limited to the
damages typically predictable upon the formation of a contract, and to the average
amount typical for contracts. This also applies to indirect damages, in particular the loss
of profits.
(6) BITFXT TECHNOLOGY is not liable for damages of any sort that are caused by the loss of data
on computer servers, except in the event of gravely negligent or deliberate culpability
of BITFXT TECHNOLOGY, its employees or proxies. Your stored content is foreign information
to BITFXT TECHNOLOGY as per the Telecommunications Act. Links are provided on Platin
Genesis’ web presence. When the link was created, the contents of the respective link
were assessed for illegal content. BITFXT TECHNOLOGY is not responsible for external content
that can be reached through links. If BITFXT TECHNOLOGY determines, or it is indicated, that
a linked page contains illegal content, this link will be deleted.
7. Data protection
(1) BITFXT TECHNOLOGY retrieves and uses the data that you have provided only within the
parameters of the legal regulations. You can find the detailed data protection conditions
in our Privacy Policy.
8. Miscellaneous
a) Trademark and copyright
(1) In its relationship with you, BITFXT TECHNOLOGY is the sole rights holder of the rights of
distribution, duplication, utilisation, and other copyrights, as well as the rights of
intangible transmission and reproduction of the BITFXT TECHNOLOGY website, as well as the
contents it contains, other developed services, and intellectual property rights. The
usage of all services and the contents they contain, materials such as trademarks and
copyrighted names (e.g. the labels of BITFXT TECHNOLOGY and its logo), is solely permissible
for the purposes specified within these Terms and Conditions. Usage without explicit
authorisation from BITFXT TECHNOLOGY constitutes a violation of these Terms and Conditions,
and may result in your profile, including all services, being blocked or deleted.
(2) You retain all rights and bear sole responsibility for content you have uploaded (e.g. to
the BITFXT TECHNOLOGY Community). BITFXT TECHNOLOGY retains solely the rights required for
publication and use of the content on the BITFXT TECHNOLOGY platform.
(3) Violations of the copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights will be
punished by BITFXT TECHNOLOGY, and BITFXT TECHNOLOGY reserves the right to delete or
deactivate content that was reported as a violation, and to block repeat offenders’
profiles, at its own discretion.
b) Prices and fees
(1) Registration and the creation of a profile on www.platincoin.com are free of charge.
(2) Prices and fees are paid through online payment providers or via transfer from the
user’s eWallet. You bear the expenses of payment or any costs stemming from currency
exchanges. The payment providers are companies unaffiliated with BITFXT TECHNOLOGY.
BITFXT TECHNOLOGY accepts no responsibility for their services and any resulting damages
or claims.
c) Messages and notifications
Messages from BITFXT TECHNOLOGY are sent directly via a notification in your profile
(Backoffice) or to the e-mail address you provided during registration. You are
responsible for ensuring that your contact information is always up to date.
d) No guarantee / changes or limitations to the services of BITFXT TECHNOLOGY / transfer
to third parties
(1) You access the website and services of BITFXT TECHNOLOGY at your own risk.
(2) BITFXT TECHNOLOGY has the right to make changes to the website and the free services
offered by BITFXT TECHNOLOGY without prior notice or liability.
(3) BITFXT TECHNOLOGY reserves the right to restrict the usage of the services, including the
ability to contact other members through the website, if BITFXT TECHNOLOGY believes that
you are violating contractual obligations or the law, or are otherwise abusing the
(4) BITFXT TECHNOLOGY does not guarantee
 that it is legal in the jurisdiction as per your national laws to use or advertise for
the services of BITFXT TECHNOLOGY, or to participate in any of BITFXT TECHNOLOGY’
 that access to the BITFXT TECHNOLOGY website will always be secure or possible
without errors, disruptions or delays, or that disruptions will be resolved (see
also item 5 of the Terms and Conditions);
 that training materials or other information are complete, correct or reliable;
(5) BITFXT TECHNOLOGY reserves the right to (either completely or partially) transfer to third
parties, withdraw from, sublicense, or pledge its business operations, individual assets
from this, or individual rights and obligations from this usage contract without prior
notice, provided the third party also complies with applicable contract law and other
e) Agreements with third parties
(1) From time to time BITFXT TECHNOLOGY forms agreements with third parties that are also
external service providers who provide BITFXT TECHNOLOGY and you with the
software/technology/IT for products or services. You are obligated to adhere to the
terms and guidelines of these third parties, if they are included on the BITFXT TECHNOLOGY
website or linked with the respective third-party website. These terms and guidelines
may change at any time. You will be informed of any changes in advance.
f) Applicable laws and jurisdiction
(1) Your legal relationship with BITFXT TECHNOLOGY is subject to the laws of the jurisdiction
responsible for BITFXT TECHNOLOGY’ headquarters. Compulsory regulations of the state in
which you have your primary residence remain unaffected.
(2) All disputes pertaining to the services of BITFXT TECHNOLOGY are subject to the jurisdiction
responsible for BITFXT TECHNOLOGY’ headquarters. Compulsory regulations of the state in
which you have your primary residence remain unaffected.
g) Closing provisions
(1) Changes or supplements to these Terms and Conditions require written form. This also
applies to a suspension of the written form requirement.
(2) In the event that a clause of these Terms and Conditions becomes ineffective or
incomplete, the entire contract is not rendered invalid. Rather, the ineffective clause
shall be replaced by a clause that is effective and which most closely resembles the
economic intent of the ineffective clause. This also applies to the closing of a gap in the
contract’s regulations.
(3) BITFXT TECHNOLOGY may change these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy at any time.
You will be notified of any important change before said change comes into effect in a
format provided for notifications and messages.
(4) You may download the current Terms and Conditions as a PDF file for free at any time.